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Authority to live.........!!!!

In India every woman faces many punishments…. Cultural and Social factors are interlinked with the development of violent behavior. We all discuss about female feoticide. But we don’t think ever girls so tortured in our society. Just think a girl in our society how many types of torture she faces….
First of all take a glance below……..

1.      Dowry
Dowry is prohibited in 1961 under Indian Law. Around 2500 complains of bride burning registered every year, while number of dowry deaths are about 9000 per year. These number increase at a rate of 1-2% every year. Because of Dowry number of girls put at the door of death. It’s also the reason, why many parents don’t want to have daughter.

2.    Domestic Violence
At home girls suffer this problem. They are emotionally blackmail in the name of reputation of family in the society. Every 2nd girl abused by family and get mentally torture. It’s grown as a big problem and many girls try to attempt suicide.
3.    Sexually Violence
These cases also reported. It is known fact that women are exploited at their work place, girls suffer as a student in their school, Maid servants exploited by the house keeper, Disable and Handicap Girls sexually used in the orphanages. Girls are being exploited by exposing them physically

4.    Rape Cases
It is a big slot on face or humanity. All Rape cases are not reported to police but if we consider only reported cases a woman in India is raped in every 29th minutes. According to the National Criminal Records Bureau the state reported 26121 Rapes between 2001 and 2009.

5.    Blackmail
New technology has made a boom for girls. Uses of hidden Camera, Mobile equipped with Camera and others cheaply available devices are the cheapest result of blackmailing girls. These exploits of hidden cameras are used to blackmail girls and force them for such acts repeatedly for the fear of their reputation and honor.

6.    Honor Killing
Honor killing Violence involve killing girls. If any girl tries to marry a boy from other caste and religion, parents and relatives of the girls kill her and after that they show dramatizing the incident as a suicide.

7.    Flesh trading of Girls
Girls are treated like a commodity to bought or sold. These are sale in market. Sometimes girls are sold in the name of marriages also. They are forced to act as prostitutes. These girls catch several types of diseases and die due to lack of proper health care.

These are the cheapest cruelty of our Society... we live in such society where girls have no possession to live… she has no rights to live freely.... Why we have different rules for boys and girls. We need to change our thoughts towards girls...
Suman Anuragi


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