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Restrictive "LIFE"

According to census in India females are 933 per 1000 males and in our country 2000 unborn girls are illegally aborted everyday. This condition is very serious in Haryana, Gujrat, Himachal Pardesh, Chandigarh, and Punjab and as well as capital of India Delhi there are highly educated people living. Karela is only one state in India there are 1058 female per 1000 males.
Reason behind the rising of female foeticide is because of strong son preference in society because they think boys carry on their family name.
If female also get best opportunity to live as boy and support from their family than sex ration proximately will be same. Its amazement that mostly women are plays the role of agent to abort a girl baby. In our society women has no right to take decision as she wants, family , relatives takes decision what should she do or no. People think that girls are liability for them for that they have to pay substantial dowry at the time of her marriage. Comparatively girls are disfavor than boys.

          I am willing to know answer of this question...

If you allow having only one child and you come to know that baby you are carrying is Girl. What will you do? Would you abort girl baby? Or would you accept as a girl?”

Most of us must have heard that a child is a ‘gift’ from God. So why people pray to god for a boy not for a girl? Why people treat birth of a girl as a kind of catastrophe?
In our country most of social evils are related to women such female foeticide, dowry, Rape and females are also treated as a Commodity to be sold or bought.
I don’t want to say any more about this topic But please give me answer of my above question.


  1. विचारणीय लेख के लिए बधाई

  2. i can never ever think about doing all this shit,like doing so.the birth we get is been given by "female",the care of sister is borne by "female".the love of a wife is also executed by the "female".how can these educated people of the society think about doing so.
    i have a complete discontent over this.let me clear you guys,i am of 23 rt nw,and gonna adopt a baby(female) on 4th of jan :)

  3. as we knw in our indian sociaty dere are some imaginations dat some work is done by boys only like pitradan etc.
    so "first we hAVE TO EDUCATE PEOPLes den dis problem will be decreased automatically" dis is founded in some articales but dere are in mostly cases it is done y educated peoples so wats is d solution of dat..
    i dont think untill we dont accept them parrallel to mans dis problem can't b solved
    n sumi my answer 4 ur question is i will accept her widout any if n but
    i hope u will be carry on .............
    my best wishes is always wid u............


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