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The Happy man is the man who lived objectively, who had free affection and wide interest, who secure his happiness through these interest and affection. To be the recipient of affection is a potent cause of happiness. The main reason of unhappiness is that he thinks only about cause of his unhappiness. He continues to be self -centered and therefore does not get outside. Although this difficulty is real, there is nevertheless much that he can do if he has rightly diagnosed his trouble. So think Objectively not Subjectively


  1. congratulations.... nice thoughts

  2. hmm one of the fact of the ideal life :D

  3. yaap u r right ,4 a perfect n enjoyfull life we have to communicate wid our surroundings, not to compresed it within self ,n dis is the problem wid humans they got only negativ points,never try to got positiv points .gud job dear keep it up.

  4. वसन्त की आप को हार्दिक शुभकामनायें !

  5. keep on writing going good
    thought is superb


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