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Why should do Inter-cast Marriage???

When God created men and women he has not assigned any caste and communities. So how can human being divide God’s created world in to different type of cast, religion and communities? Caste system and racial discriminations act as a bane for progressive India. Success of country is in hand of youth generation.
Problem is that why people hate inter-cast marriages? Why they don’t allow marrying different community and casting? Even Scientific research has given approval why should do inter-cast marriage. In human body contains 25000 to 35000 gene. According to genetics material the person is found in the more volume that is stronger. Cast in two separated persons have different types of genetic. If men and women those are belong to inter-cast and community get marry than heredity is more capable than same cast heredity. Because of strongest genetics impact of environment on child falls short. Child can resist many kind of diseases compare to others. Child can live healthier and mentally strongest life than normal one.
In short meaning to say contribute to the success of India and help to exterminate the discrimination.
Suman Anuragi
Suggessted by Dr. Jitendra Choudhary  


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